Total Commander

Attached to this page (at the bottom) is my default Total Commander settings file which I've been tweaking for a couple of years now.

Total Commander is one of those wonderful apps which I simply cannot live without. I'm so utterly dependent on this app that It's scary. That being said I'm not to happy about some of the default settings in TCMD so as soon as I've installed it I replace the default configuration file with my own default settings.

My reason for putting it up here is highly selfish. I wan't to have a single canonical place where I have my default settings but at the same time it might be useful to someone other than myself.

Some important changes from the default configuration

Note that there's a lot of changes and I really don't keep track of them all. These are some of the changes that I can remember.
  • F2 is mapped to cm_RenameOnly which gives you a nice little editable textbox right there in the file list allowing you to quickly rename files and folders with the (albeit windows centric) standard key. The same operation can be achieved through Shift+F6 in standard mode.
  • Right clicking on a file opens the context menu instantaneously.
  • The fonts are set to the Windows 7 / Vista default UI font Segoe UI
  • CTRL+Space focuses the command line (cm_FocusCmdLine)
  • Dual drive button bars
  • Folder tabs always shown
  • Flat icon style

Addition to the default command bar

My includes a button for easily switching if hidden files are displayed or not.

Must-have addins

Using lister as an image viewer

By installing irfanview and enabling it in options for lister (the built-in superviewer, accessed by pressing F3 on a file) you get an awesomme image reader built in to tcmd.

(by pressing CTRL+Q in the list window the lister window will 'dock' in the opposing tab. This lets you quickly navigate around to preview your images).

My must-have keyboard shortcut list

 Shortcut Usage
 CTRL+D Open directory shortcut list
 ALT+F5 Pack selected files to archive
 ALT+NumLock Add Selects all files with the same extension as the currently selected file
 ALT+F7 Search
 CTRL+Q Opens lister in the opposing window
 CTRL+N Download file by uri (ftp, http ...)
 ALT+F, Y Compare selected file in the left window with the selected file in the right window


 Shortcut Usage
 Insert Select a file
 Star (*) Invert selection


 Shortcut Usage
 CTRL+T Open new tab
 CTRL+Tab Switch between tabs
 CTRL+W Close current tab
 CTRL+Up arrow Open new tab with selected directory but don't focus it.


This is the first time I'm making my config files available and I'm not making any guarantees. Maybe they work for you and maybe they don't. This version of the file also makes use of the ResolutionSpecific setting which, as far as I can tell, is only available in versions >=7.5a.
Markus Olsson,
7 jan. 2010 07:16
Markus Olsson,
7 jan. 2010 07:16